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We know that transporting all your stuff in a golf course can be exhausting. The best thing you can do is bet on a Wilson Golf Bag. This brand has managed to position itself as one of the best in the world of golf, so bet on its golf bags is to bet on quality.

Find the perfect Wilson golf bag model at Big Outlet Sports!

Wilson Golf Bag: Discover the best models

We know that not all golf players are the same, so we have different models from the Wilson golf bag. Since this firm was founded by Thomas E. Wilson, they have not stopped growing to become one of the most recognized in the world of golf.

Here are some Wilson golf bag models:

Staff EX II Cart

This Wilson golf bag model stands out for having some 14 sections in which to distribute your golf clubs. La Staff EX II Cart designed to be light, despite its robust size. This bag is in. designed to be transported in golf carts, being a great choice for any player.

Tour Bag

If you are looking for a Wilson golf bag that puts at your disposal a lot of space and comfort, then you have to choose the Tour Bag. It has up to 9 pockets for different utilities.

These pockets have different characteristics, such as being Waterprooffor electronic devices; or velvetwhere to save your valuables. It also has a hood to prevent it from getting wet during the rainy days.

Prostaff Carry

This Wilson golf bag model is also a great choice for all types of golf players. With the Prostaff Carry at your disposal 6 separators to place your golf clubs.

This Wilson golf bag has been designed for offer great space to players. This is shown with the 6 pockets with security lock that you have. In addition, it has also been manufactured with a hood to prevent the rainy days from wet.

Former Dry Stand

In case you need a Wilson golf bag fully waterproof, then the model Former Dry Stand It's perfect. This has five separators so you can keep your golf clubs.

This model includes a system of restraint for which he can stand while you play the game. In addition, it has two large pockets, one where you keep your clothes and others, and another to store those valuables.

Find the perfect Wilson golf bag in Big Outlet Sports

In Big Outet Sports We are passionate about golf, so on our website you can find the Wilson golf bag perfect for your playing level. We also have the best equipment and sports equipment to play golf, always of the best quality.

If you have any doubt or want more information about any product, contact us and we will gladly help you!


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